About Us

Meet the Founder   

Tauntus Cosmetics by Nadonya LLC.,  is a company that was created from my heart. Those who know me can testify, I absolutely love lip gloss!  I launched Tauntus Cosmetics in January 2017, because I believe that a woman should look and feel glamorous and sexy at all times. As Audrey Hepburn stated:  “On a bad day, there is always lipstick”.

The Tauntus Mission

Our mission at Tauntus Cosmetics by Nadonya is to create looks as individual as a person’s mood or the event being celebrated. We offer over 42 vibrant hues from the sheerest of Pure to the boldness of Cobalt Blue, with exciting shades of nude, pink, red, and orange in between. You can surely find a color that will accentuate your style, your mood, your feeling.

The goal of Tauntus Cosmetics by Nadonya is to make your experience personal. As a small business owner, we want to separate ourselves from other big box cosmetic lines. We want to teach our clients how to take care of their product, and how to find and discover the best products for them.

The choice to make Tauntus Cosmetics by Nadonya personal is what makes a Tauntus Cosmetics experience different than the big box purchase. By coming to one of our many vendor events, we can recommend colors exclusively for you, and teach you how to take care and train your lips on color longevity and lip care.

When you choose to shop Tauntus Cosmetics by Nadonya, we are not going to recommend products just to make a sale, especially if you are looking for the right product. We don’t want to recommend something that does not look right because that would be a bad representation of us on you.

Simply put: We want you to have Luxuriously Tauntalizing Lips!

The Chosen Few 

In 2022, we decided to partner with Flair 4 Five, LLC and it's owner Dennae Hawkins. She has been a successful business owner for over five years and retailer of Fashion Jewelry and Boutique items.

Both of us are dedicated members of D9 organizations, me being a Devistating Diva and Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc and Dennae a Pretty Girl and Life Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Through this AMAZING colaboration we are now Authorized Vendors of several D9 and Professional Business Fraternities and Sororities. Our purpose and vision remains the same, To make you stand out from the rest, with stylish, cutting edge designs that will make heads turn when you enter a room because we know that you are The Chosen Few.